I received my Ph.D. in the Department of Computer Science at William & Mary in 2023, under the supervision of Prof. Bin Ren. My research interets lie in High Performance Computing, CPU/GPU architecture, and Machine Learning. Before coming to W&M, I got my bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering from Beihang University in 2017.



[IPDPS 2022] Qihan Wang, Bin Ren, Jie Chen, Robert G. Edwards. MICCO: An Enhanced Multi-GPU Scheduling Framework for Many-Body Correlation Functions. The 36th IEEE International Parallel & Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS). (Acceptance rate in a preliminary decision: 9.7% = 46/474) [pdf]

[TACO 2021] Qihan Wang, Zhen Peng, Bin Ren, Jie Chen, Robert G. Edwards. MemHC: An Optimized GPU Memory Management Framework for Accelerating Many-body Correlation. ACM Transactions on Architecture and Code Optimization (ACM TACO). (Original Work) [pdf]

[HiPC 2021] Qihan Wang, Wei Niu, Li Chen, Ruoming Jin, Bin Ren. HEALS: A Parallel eALS Recommendation System on CPU/GPU Heterogeneous Platforms. The 28th IEEE International Conference on High-Performance Computing, Data, & Analytics (HiPC). (Acceptance rate: 23%) [pdf]

[Smart Health 2020] Qihan Wang, Gang Zhou, Zhenming Liu, Bin Ren. Building a skeleton-based 3D body model with angle sensor data. Elsevier Smart Health 2020. [pdf]

Working Experience

Senior Software Engineer: Cruise LLC. Machine Learning Infrastructure, Training Scalability Team. January 2023 - Present.

PhD Internship: Cruise LLC. Machine Learning Platform. May 2022 - October 2022.

Professional Experience

Research Assistant: Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (Jefferson Lab), William & Mary (Co-sponsored). 2019 - Present

Teaching Assistant: Lab TA: CSCI 140L Prog for Data Science; Lab TA: DATA 141L Prog for Data Science; Lab TA: CSCI 141L Computational Prob; Grading TA: CSCI 241 Data Structures. William & Mary. 2017 - 2019

Sub-reviewer: IPDPS ‘22, HiPC ‘21, IPDPS ‘21, ICS ‘21, ICCD ‘20, TPDS-SS-AI ‘20, NPC ‘20, Bench ‘20, HiPC ‘19, Bench ‘19, NPC ‘19.


  • 2017-2019 Recruitment Fellowship, William & Mary
  • ASPLOS 2018 Student Traverl Grants
  • 2020 vGHC Student Grant